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Michael Jackson Birthday Week 2020 in LA / Vegas, California. USA

Michael Jackson Birthday Week

This is a list of events from various MJ Fan Groups. If you know of an Event not listed below, please send/post the information to https://www.facebook.com/GlobalMJEvents/ and I (Deb Morris) will add it to the list below (Please read the Disclaimer). You can also Message me with your Event details - Messenger: https://m.me/GlobalMJEvents. I have made this List available to help anyone currently planning their trip to LA/Vegas in August (this is my other website Tube4MJ, might come in handy later if you cannot get to this page for any reason)

*** Paid Event: Prices are shown in US$, unless otherwise indicated. Unless indicated otherwise, the cost of the event is usually payable at the event, on the day of the event, directly to the Event Organizer. Please DO NOT pay any individual any money in advance, unless you know the Event Organizer personally. On some Events there will be a link provided for Advance Ticket Sales. Whilst we do our best to check out each Event, the maintainer of this list of events is not responsible for any event sales, or money sent to Event Organizers in advance.

TBA - indicates "To Be Advised"

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This June Anniversary List will be accessible by phone/tablet online at GlobalMJ.net: https://globalmj.net/events/michael-week.html
This August Birthday List will be accessible by phone/tablet online at GlobalMJ.com: https://globalmj.net/michael-birthday-week-august.html
Facebook Tentative Schedule of Events 2020 Facebook Note:  TBA

Michael Jackson Las Vegas Trip August 2020 - Group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369377330133282/
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For a list of MJ spots in California and Las Vegas, please see this great list which Lid Lily has put together: https://www.facebook.com/notes/mjj-top-news/mj-spots-in-california-las-vegas/1259844000727571


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Monday - August 24th:
Fans arrive in Los Angeles/Michaeling..
Here is the link to all the places Michael shopped, dined, lived, recorded, etc.. Locations posted by Lid Lily:
Stay tuned to:

Tuesday - August 25th:

Wednedsay - August 26th: Vegas
Fans start arriving to Vegas

Thursday - August 27th:

Travel to Las Vegas - Travel & Arrive @ Las Vegas - MJ ONE Boutique Shopping at Mandalay Bay.

Thursday - August 27th: Vegas
Fans dinner
Where: Slice of Vegas
Address: Slice of Vegas, 3930 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 120, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Time: TBA
Located in: the shoppes at Mandalay Place

Friday - August 28th: LA

Friday - August 28th: Vegas

Time: 7:00pm show
6:00pm meeting in MJlive lobby for drinks and mingle
Website: https://stratospherehotel.com/

Friday - August 28th: Vegas
Karaoke night @ House of blues

Location: Mandalay Bay
Time: 10:00pm
Website: https://www.houseofblues.com/lasvegas

Saturday - August 29th: LA


Saturday - August 29th: Vegas
MJ tea party
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
More details to follow

Saturday - August 29th: Vegas
Michael Jackson ONE
MJONE - Afternoon events:
Fans will starting meeting around 2pm for afternoon events at Mandalay Bay
Still waiting for the MJ estate to make announcement of the day schedule,

Saturday - August 29th: Vegas
8th Annual Michael Jackson ONE celebration for the King of Pop’s birthday.
Time: Time for full schedule TBA, however Fans normally attend the 07:00pm show,
Link to purchase tickets: https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/michael-jackson-one
*** Paid Event: Deals - https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/michael-jackson-one#offers

The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil usually host the Annual Michael Jackson ONE celebration for the King of Pop’s birthday. Awaiting further details from the Estate.

Event Page: TBA
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MJONE/
Map Location: https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Mandalay+Bay/
Hosted by: Michael Jackson

You may be able to get Discount on MJ One Tickets if you are a member of https://mlife.com/ ring direct 866-761-7111, and let them know you are a member of MLife.
NB: It costs nothing to join MLife.

Saturday - August 29th: Vegas
Dinner after MJONE show

Time: TBA
Location: TBA

Saturday - August 29th: LA
Micheal's Star, Hollywood Blvd.
Time: 08:30pm

Sunday - August 30th: Vegas

Sunday - August 30th: LA

Monday - August 31st: LA

** As events and times are added this list will be updated, so please check back soon. If you have an Event, please Contact Me.


Where ever you decide to stay, it is recommended that you book your accommodation early.
Many Fans also save by sharing accommodation with each other. A list of Accommodation deals for Hollywood, Anaheim and Las Vegas is provided below for your convenience.

MEETING PEOPLE: If you wish other Fans to recognize you at an event, please wear a name tag. It might also help if you included your real name and also your Facebook or Twitter alias if you have one. This will help your Facebook/Twitter friends who have never met you before in person, recognize you ..

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