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Michael Jackson 9th Anniversary Week 2018 in LA, California. USA

Michael Jackson Events 2018

This is a list of events from various MJ Fan Groups. If you know of an Event not listed below, please send/post the information and I will add it to the list below. I have made this Note available to help anyone currently planning their trip to LA in June 2018 .. I do not personally organize any of these events at this stage (unless otherwise stated).

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Global Mj Disney Day 2014

The 9th Annual "Global MJ Disney Day! Wednesday 27th June 2018

Michael Jackson Fans from around the world will visit the Magic Kingdom to honor and celebrate our Peter Pan/Captain Eo. All fans, from all groups, clubs and corners of the world are invited to attend as we support one another, enjoy memories, and share in the spirit of L.O.V.E.!


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