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All throughout history there have been people who have made a profound impact on the world. Michael Jackson is one person, who despite his controversial life, and whether you love him or hate him, will leave a lasting impact on those he helped and inspired.

He will be remembered for his giving to those less fortunate, the sick, homeless and uneducated.

He will be remembered for his environmental fight for the earth, his giving in times of natural disaster.

He will be remembered for his love of our future, the children of this earth.

Michael Jackson as this video says, was the complete package. The King of Hearts in many nations around the globe.

A person able to speak with any leader of any country and give to their hospitals, orphanages and schools.

A person who used his wealth to help others.

His legacy will live on long after all the lies and accusations he had to suffer.

He is and always will be the King of Pop and a great entertainer.

I cannot think of anyone else in the last 50 years who has made such an impact.

Michael Jackson was sent by God to teach us what it is to be human.


Michael Jackson : A Black Man’s Dream

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We must spread this message through all social sites. The Medialoids will not do this for us, so we must do it. For Michael and all that he means to us.
Michael was touched by God and persecuted by Man but honored by Us, his fans. aug. 29th lets make this video a trending topic on twitter tell? all fans!!!

This is my new tribute no like other, to remember the king of pop.i made it with all my heart. i hope you enjoy it. Michael Jackson born in August 1958 ,he was an international superstar, and many in the black community herald him for breaking down racial barriers in th…e music industry. He made culture accept a person of color, way before Barack Obama Michael did with music what they later did in sports and in politics and in television. And no controversy will erase the historic impact Jackson continued as a pioneer in the black culture when he broke barriers by appearing on MTV, and by breaking sales records with the 1982 album, “Thriller. The world was impressed by Michael Jackson not only for his works in Music but also for his charity and social work activities what he was doing around the world.

By Phonchrist




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