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Michael JacksonWe are here for one purpose, to come together as one, we are the world, we are the children.
The reason we are together as fans is because of Michael Jackson.
Michael’s message can be achieved if we stand together and live as Michael taught us.

We are here for L.O.V.E.
We are all nationalities and cultures, we have to respect each other.
This starts by respecting each other’s opinions.
We cannot hate! We must LOVE!

We are here to heal the planet, but is up to us, each one of us.
So each one of us can help to do this by: Using less lighting, less water, walk more and recycle.

We have to try and help people less fortunate than ourselves:
Give something to someone who needs it and do it often.
Volunteer for a project in your own town.

If we do good it may come come at a price.
There is much evil out there and these forces will try to stop us.

At times we may be ridiculed for our independent thinking and if we are different, people will ask why.
We will say we believe in the truth.
We will make it our goal to always try and find the truth and pass it on.
Some people do not want to know the truth.
These people are already brainwashed by propaganda and lies.
The TV Stations, Magazines and Newspapers are all about ratings and advertisers and money.
Every story needs to be researched and all over the world. Follow the money trail.

I believe every hospital in every country all over the world, that Michael helped with cash, toys, gifts, buildings etc… should have a ward named after him.
I believe every school that Michael helped should have a room named after him.
Every country where Michael gave aid should have a memorial to him.
Every forest Michael tried to save should have a walk or forest named after him.

If we live our life like Michael, our children will follow us and learn by our example.

“It is all for L.O.V.E.”
“What more can I give”
“It is up to us”
“Heal the planet”
Listen to and teach our children! and pray for a better world!




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