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You can sign up for a Free Premium 30 Day Account on Music Unlimited to listen to the new songs from the soon to be released album Xscape.
I will include the links to the new songs as they are released.
  • Xscape - Michael Jackson / Love Never Felt So Good (feat. Justin Timberlake)Michael Jackson / Love Never Felt So Good (feat. Justin Timberlake)

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Xscape - New Album - Michael Jackson #MJXSCAPE


Michael Jackson - "XSCAPE" Album Teaser | #MJXSCAPE

Watch the official teaser for Michael Jackson's upcoming album XSCAPE, out May 13th and available NOW pre-order.

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Sydney & Global streaming: Michael Jackson's Name in Lights! 
Thanks to Fi King for successfully applying for the name 'MICHAEL JACKSON' to be displayed at the Sydney Festival "Your Name in Lights" exhibition!
This video was taken from across the road from the Australian Museum at Cook and Philip Park in front of the forecourt of St Mary's Cathedral.

For 15 glittering seconds, the name MICHAEL JACKSON was displayed on the facade of the Australian Museam in Sydney on January 14th: Friday.
TIME: 3:53.40pm (3.53 pm and 40 seconds)

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John Baldessari: Your Name in Lights: