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Everland Haiti Preschool

Everland Preschool is a desperately needed learning facility for children living in the Haitian village of Nod Dorcillien. Many such children are without any means of day care or educational provision. This preschool will provide much needed day time education to 75-100 children between the ages of 3-5 inclusive, at any given time. Older children will depart for the regular primary school, also in the locality.

Staff salaries (teacher, maid, cook, overseers Mr and Mrs Pastor Paul), building maintenance and school fees all have to be figured into ongoing needs. Parents and guardians that can afford to pay a sum towards the children’s day time education at the preschool will do so. For poorer families, the money made from the resident bakery together with sponsorship monies – should a child be sponsored – will make up any difference. Everland Preschool will not only facilitate in educating the children in the village, but it will be committed to educating as many children as possible, regardless of means or ability. All children using the centre will also receive breakfast.
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